release time: 2022-06-11 15:48:45    author: SeAH CTC

SeAH CTC Co., LTD. (SeAH CTC) was established in 2020, the company is mainly engaged in high-end stainless steel precision pipe manufacturing and sales, import and export trade and other business, the products are mainly used in semiconductor, medical, automotive, petrochemical and other cutting-edge high-growth industries, is a high value-added BA tube. In 2020, the company acquired the original plant of Lishui TSINGSHAN Hi-tech Metals Co., LTD., covering an area of 38 mu, with an investment of 78 million yuan, to build the BA straight pipe and coil research and development and production project. The project is expected to be put into operation in 2022, with an annual output value of 330 million yuan and annual tax revenue of 18 million yuan.