Seamless BA Stick Tube

After the steel pipe is rolled and cold drawn, it is heat treated in a protective gas or vacuum state to prevent oxidation and decarburization on the surface of the steel pipe and maintain a bright state of surface finish.

  • Feature:

    Seamless tube
  • Customize:

    Can be customized
  • Material:

    Austenitic stainless steel, special alloys
  • Origin:

    China zhejiang

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Demand Industry The Main Purpose Steel Grade Require
- Tube for High Purity Gas Pipeline TP316L/316L(VIM/VAR) Use environment: exposed to highly corrosive environments and toxic gases
(for wafer processing pipes in semiconductor production lines)
Additional Steelmaking Composition Requirements (S. Mn)
UHP: High-purity gas determines the quality of semiconductor products,
so the surface and interior of the pipe are required to be of good quality and high cleanliness


- GDI Engine Parts
- car steering
SUS304/304L Use environment: high pressure environment (due to high pressure direct injection of fuel engine)
Demand is relatively stable, so it is important to keep prices stable
- heat exchanger
- For measurement
TP316L, EN1.4404/1.4435 It is mainly suitable for equipment manufacturers such as heat exchangers or condensers, and the price requirements are relatively high.

Production Processes