Seamless Long Coil tube

After the mother pipe is rolled and cold drawn, it is not a straight pipe but a steel pipe produced in a round coil shape. In order to increase the fold rate of the product during cold processing and to facilitate the transportation of the products produced in the form of coils.

  • Feature:

    Seamless tube
  • Customize:

    Can be customized
  • Material:

    Austenitic stainless steel, special alloys
  • Origin:

    China zhejiang

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Demand Industry The Main Purpose Steel Grade Require
- Pre-insulated tube TP316/316L, 904L,
S31803,S32750, etc
Use environment: high temperature and high pressure and high corrosion
environment (through sulfur, chlorine, chemical substances, etc.)
Dual-phase steel series suitable for deep-sea extreme low temperature,
high salinity and other harsh environments,
Demand for high nickel (904L) series expands
- Petrochemical TP316/316L, 904L,
S31803,S32750, etc
It is used for deep-sea subsea oil well control cables, etc., the demand is
relatively small, but the added value is higher than that of general products
The direction of development is to work closely with Coil processing
enterprises or equipment companies to improve research and development capabilities

Production processes